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Регал ООД - внос и търговия с крепежни елементи и инструменти

Regal Ltd is a company founded in 2000 whose main activity is producing and trading with fasteners..

We offer a flexible policy in terms of price, speed of delivery and high quality of goods.

We work highly qualified and experienced professionals.


The company maintains and has considerable stocks of bolts, nuts, screws, washers, etc...



We offer fasteners with grades: 4.6 5.6 6.8 8.8 10.9 12.9
The cover of the fasters: plain, zink plated, hot dip zinked
he materials of the fasters are: steel , stainless steel, brass, aluminium...

"Regal Ltd." offers products for construction, engineering and motorcar repair business. We strive to constantly expand the range of products to meet more complex needs of our customers

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Regal Ltd. is official representative of PROJAHN for Bulgaria

Regal Ltd. is an official representative of PROJAHN for Bulgaria. The company ...


REGAL Ltd is official representative of PORTWEST for BULGARIA



Office Sofia

Contact Us

Warehause - Pazardjik, Bulgaria
110 Plovdivska Str
phone.: 034/ 44 01 95,
email: regalpz@mail.bg

Office Sofia
1B Fortov pat Str,
phone/fax: 02/ 896 21 00
email: regalpz@mail.bg

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Select the diameter of the bolt and
obtain information about normal
step of the thread, and granulated
threaded first and second order.

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